Actor ALEX PETTYFER has admitted he enjoyed a fling with Julia Roberts' actress niece Emma Roberts on the set of their latest film WILD CHILD.
Pettyfer, 18, played Roberts' love interest in the British teen film, and the young hunk has confessed to sharing more than just on-screen kisses .
And although the pair is no longer together, the actor insists they are still on good terms.
He tells Britain's Evening Standard magazine, "I don't know how to say it. She's a lovely, lovely girl. We had a spell of something that is over now, but we're on good terms.
"She's beautiful, she's great; we're really good friends."
The relationship meant so much to Pettyfer, he had Roberts' initials tattooed on the inside of his wrist.
When prompted about the inking, the smitten star explained: "I'm going to get asked about this, aren't I? I though it was just between me and her."