Julia Roberts has admitted that being mean to Lily Collins in the latest Snow White film 'Mirror Mirror' felt akin to being "mean to Bambi." Roberts plays the Evil Queen in the Tarsem Singh directed adaptation of the classic Grimm tale and as such spends most of the film plotting against Collins - daughter of Genesis drummer Phil Collins - who plays the central character of Snow White.

Discussing to UK newspaper The Metro the potential of rivalry between herself and her young gun Collins, the red-haired actress dismissed the notion, saying, "It's acting and we almost try to take better care of our relationship because of the nasty undertones or sometimes overtones of our scenes." However she then added "It did feel a little like being mean to Bambi."

Any harsh treatment though has evidently been like water off a duck's back for Collins, who confessed at how grateful she was for the opportunity to work alongside one of the most respected actresses in the game. "It's still kind of amazing that I even had this opportunity," the 23 year-old said, "To me, it's such an honour for her to even touch my hair . to have scenes where someone is being so mean to you and all you want to do is giggle because you're so happy; let's just say I learned a lot about poker face." We presume she doesn't mean the song.