Julia Roberts is a blessed mum-to-be - her pregnancy has become a real dream.

The movie star is expecting twins - a boy and a girl - in January (04) and reveals, apart from a recent hospital visit with early contractions, she can't believe how easy her pregnancy has been.

Speaking to pal Oprah Winfrey in her first TV interview since she became pregnant earlier this year (04), she says, "I haven't thrown up at all. I had a little queasiness for a period of time. In the afternoon I would just feel funky and then it would go away.

Roberts is also impressed that she hasn't ballooned in size: "It's a miracle. I could still quadruple in size. I really think it's a combination of just happiness and genetics because I eat nearly without pause and I've felt good. It's nothing I've done. It's that lucky penny (husband) DANNY MODER."

"I'm pretty fascinated in all things pertaining to me. This has made me very interested in myself."

The actress, who is almost eight months pregnant, admits she sings JONI MITCHELL and Dave Matthews to her unborn twins and she's thrilled everytime she feels them move.

She explains, "They play with each other and they're sweet to me. They're like little monkeys in an increasingly large barrel."

05/11/2004 03:22