The bitter ex of Julia Roberts' husband DANNY MODER is reportedly hitting back at her love rival with a series of phone and T-shirt attacks.

Roberts famously wore a white T-shirt with 'A Low Vera' scribbled on it when Moder was divorcing his ex VERA MODER, shortly before the PRETTY WOMAN star wed the cameraman.

And now, Vera is getting her own back amid claims that Danny is spending time with her.

Sources close to Roberts tell American tabloid GLOBE that things came to a head in a recent phone call to the actress.

One source says, "Vera called and taunted Julia, saying, 'I have a hot piece of news for you, honey. He's come back to me.'"

Insiders claim Vera followed that attack up by sending Roberts homemade T-shirts with slogans like 'No.2' and 'Who's Crying Now?' written on them.

Friends say Julia wouldn't be bothered about her love rival's claims - if they weren't true.

One pal says, "Danny met up with Vera at his folks' house. Vera's phone call that they had met sent Julia up the wall."

24/04/2003 09:46