Julia Roberts's 'grandmother' is desperate for the actress will soon be pregnant - because the actress' desperation to be a mother is putting a huge strain on her marriage to DANNY MODER.

MILDRED MULLIGAN, 103, who Julia met and deeply bonded with two years ago (01), is concerned for the maternal star in her quest for children.

The aged lady tells Britain's CLOSER magazine that the PRETTY WOMAN star is struggling to get pregnant - and that's putting huge pressure on her already reportedly rocky marriage to her cameraman husband.

Mildred says, "Julia said that she had been having a terrible time. She was so upset because she couldn't get pregnant. She really wants a baby and so does Danny, but I think he might be feeling the strain of it because she is trying so hard.

"I don't know if they are having trouble in their marriage - it's not something I would ask - but I know how important it is to Julia to have a family with Danny."

01/07/2003 17:25