Hollywood star Julia Roberts has a temper and demeans her husband DANNY MODER publicly - according to one of her co-stars.

Jeff Garlin, who appears alongside the ERIN BROCKOVICH star in new movie Full Frontal, bore the brunt of the A-lister's ire when she took a dislike to him on-set.

And he tells British magazine CLOSER, "She would sit there and yell, 'Where's my man? Where's my man?' about her husband. Who talks that way?

"I said to her, 'It's an honour to work with you' and she couldn't have been more dismissive.

"She talked to everyone in the room but me. I went home and my wife asked me how it went, and I said, 'I don't think Julia Roberts likes me'

And the Pretty Woman beauty picked out her distaste for the CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM actor when he was sat down during a break in filming.

He adds, "(She said) 'If I ever saw you in a restaurant years from now, I'd think, 'I don't know who that is but I don't like him.'"