Julia Roberts would "never say never" to plastic surgery.

The 42-year-old actress - who is the face of French cosmetic company Lancome - confesses she would not rule out going under the knife, but hopes she wouldn't need to.

Asked her opinion on plastic surgery, she told OK! magazine: "Well it seems to make some people happy.

"I'd never say never, but hopefully my life will maintain its current levels of fulfilment and joy, and I won't need to turn to it."

The Hollywood beauty has previously revealed she finds modelling "fun" in her 40s because she can let go more as she has gotten older.

She said: "The whole idea of modelling in my 40s, I think, is very modern and fun. There's a kind of joy and sense of fun to doing it right now, a sense of being secure in who you are that I feel today in my 40s."

She also insists she could only work with a company if she believes in them and uses their products.

She added: "I really couldn't work with a company whose products I haven't used and enjoyed over a long period of time. I have Lancome eye cream on my counter and Hydra Zen face cream, and I love Lancome mascara and sun cream."