The Pretty Woman star, who plays a host on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) in her new movie Mother's Day, was tasked with gushing about a blind item, which members of the studio audience could see.

Roberts had no idea she was talking about a whip, handcuffs and blindfold as she raved about the flexibility of the thing she was selling and boasted she had seven at home.

And it almost seemed like she knew what was in the glass case in front of her when the actress said, "And Mother's Day, woo, is around the corner!" as she encouraged anyone interested to snap up a TV deal, just like the hosts of HSN showcases.

When host Ellen Degeneres asked her how she felt when she wore the mystery item in the Pitch, Please segment, Julia said, "Really empowered and just ready for any kind of challenge."

And she had the studio audience and the host in hysterics when DeGeneres asked her what she liked to do when she was wearing the item in front of her.

Julia responded, "Sometimes, if the weather's nice, tennis! But just around the house, maybe cooking, or watching a movie with my husband (sic)."

When the mystery items she was selling were revealed to her, the star giggled, blushed, covered her face and yelped, "Oh my God!"

Julia's comedy spot on the show will air on Thursday (28Apr16) and her new movie opens in the U.S. on Friday (29Apr16), a week ahead of America's Mother's Day holiday on 8 May (16).