Julia Roberts' latest movie 'Fireflies in the Garden' is set to open on Friday (14.10.11), four years after filming began.

The 'Eat Pray Love' actress and her husband DANNY MODER, the film's cinematographer, have been working on the motion picture for the last four years and have fought to get it into the cinema after it suffered from financial problems - and she thinks the movie "deserves" its place in theatres.

The 43-year-old beauty - who stars alongside Hayden Panettiere, Ryan Reynolds and Willem Dafoe in the production - told ABC: "All these years later, it's nice sometimes to have a little fight, a little, you know, push to get it to a place where people can see it and enjoy it or talk about it, debate it, whatever it is. But it deserves its moment."

The film - which writer-director Dennis Lee partly based on the relationship he shared with his mother - tells the story of three generations of a dysfunctional family that gets the chance to reconcile.