Julia Roberts appears to steal the show in new Snow White movie 'Mirror, Mirror', though the movie has generally had a tough time with the critics. Roberts' plays the Evil Queen, who attempts to manipulate the innocent Snow White, played by Lily Collins, the daughter of British musician Phil Collins.
Whereas rival movie Snow White and the Huntsman portrays the protagonist (Kristen Stewart) as a fearless warrior ready for battle, Tarsem Singh's movie relies on traditional storytelling. David Rooney of the Hollywood Reporter commented, "A twisted spin on the classic Snow White fairytale that strives for a humorous contemporary edge but mostly misses", while Richard Corliss of Time magazine mocked the movie, saying, "Even if you're as annoyed by the movie as I was, you'll come out laughing at the costumes". Julia Roberts fared better with the critics and looks to be giving Charlize Theron a run for her money - the South African plays the Evil Queen in this summer's rival project. The Tri-City Herald commented, "This is the most fun Julia Roberts has been since she won the Oscar - and other awards - for Erin Brockovich in 2000. If only the rest of the cast had as much fun".
Mirror, Mirror is expected to do reasonably well at the box-office this weekend, though Snow White and the Huntsman will be looking to pull in far more when it opens later this year.