Julia Roberts doesn't feel any ''pressure'' when it comes to Instagram.

The 'Pretty Woman' star has been on the photo-sharing site for around seven months now but insists she finds it fun as she doesn't feel any ''responsibility'' to post.

She said: ''The nice thing is, you know, I was actually just talking to a girlfriend today and saying it's nice that I don't feel pressure or responsibility. I do what I can when I can and it's just so, in that way, it's fun. It doesn't feel like work.''

And Julia is a particular fan of Josh Brolin and Sarah Jessica Parker's pages.

Asked what her favourite accounts are, she added to People magazine: ''There are a few. Molly Yeh is a chef who I really enjoy and I follow her and I love Josh Brolin. I think he is a brilliant Instagrammer. Great Instagrammer. Sarah Jessica Parker is really good. So yeah, there's some fun things, for sure.''

Meanwhile, Julia previously revealed her kids - Hazel, 14, Phinnaeus, 14, and Henry, 11, who she has with her husband Daniel Moder - want to know if she's more famous than Taylor Swift.

She said: ''I don't think they will ever have a true sense of that. I think I told you once when they were starting to figure it out, it was like, 'You're famous?' And I said, 'I think a lot of people might have seen the movie that I'm in or might know who I am.' Maybe an hour goes by. 'Are you more famous than Taylor Swift?'''