The Oscar winner's leading men jokingly revealed sound editors have to change her embarrassingly low tone in post-production.

Clips from her movies, featuring her three leading men, were shown before the alleged dub - so viewers could clearly hear her growl, and actress/director Jodie Foster, who is currently working with the Notting Hill star, confessed, "She's a brilliant actress... She has what I'd describe as a distinctive voice, but it's not what I would associate with a Hollywood leading lady."

Gere kept a straight face as he admitted his Pretty Woman co-star's gravelly voice sounded like "a prize fighter" or "Barry White", adding, "It's the lowest voice... I've ever heard."

Roberts also appeared with a comic deep voice, stating, "They re-voice me in every movie I do, which makes me absolutely furious... Yes, my voice is on the deep side, but I think guys find that sexy.

"Hugh Grant can't complain because his voice has been redubbed in every movie he's ever done."

Grant then appeared with his 'real' voice - a Latino growl.

Roberts also revealed that James Bond Daniel Craig is another big Hollywood star who doesn't really sound like he does on the the big screen, insisting his normal speaking voice resembles that of "a little girl".

The Brit then appeared and said, in a girl's voice, "I don't sound like a little girl; I sound like a big manly man, which is what I am."

Liam Neeson, Al Pacino, Arnold Schwarzenegger and even Clark Gable's 'real voices' also featured in the Hollywood Secrets comedy segment.