Julia Roberts has urged new celebrity mums to think twice about taking on a theatre role so soon after giving birth - because her Broadway stage debut in 2006 almost drove her nuts.

The movie star jumped into Richard Greenberg's play Three Days of Rain in 2006, 18 months after becoming a mum to twins Hazel and Finn, and she now admits she wasn't ready to be a working mother.

The bad reviews and long hours aside, Roberts struggled to pull herself away from her babies come showtime.

She tells The Hollywood Reporter, "The first time I worked after I had Finn and Hazel was a play for four months, and they were a year-and-a-half old, and there was a little place in the theatre for them to play, and (co-star) Paul Rudd's son was just younger than they were.

"It seemed perfect: 'I'll be at work while they're sleeping, and nothing about our life will be any different'. And then cut to me standing at an elevator waiting to go to work, literally pulling my own hair out. I went a little bit cuckoo."