The nine-year-old and his teammates kicked the ball around in Malibu, California, while mum and dad embraced on the sidelines, showing no signs of any relationship issues, as often reported in U.S. magazines and on gossip blogs.

At one point the Pretty Woman star removed her shoes and sat barefoot in bearded Danny's lap as they watched their kid.

The Moders wed 14 years ago and also share 11-year-old twins Hazel and Finn.

The new photos of the happy Hollywood couple emerge as news of Julia's new film role hit the headlines over the weekend (24-25Sep16).

She will portray real-life mum Kelli Peters in the adaptation of her book I'll Get You! Drugs, Lies, and the Terrorizing of a PTA Mom.

Kelli was a Parent Teacher Association president and volunteer at her daughter's elementary school in Orange County, California, and during her tenure, she became involved in a feud with a fellow parent after she was accused of keeping the woman's son waiting during an after-school pickup.

Following the incident, the woman and her husband, attorneys Jill and Kent Easter, demanded Kelli's dismissal from the PTA, launched a lawsuit against her and tried to frame her by planting drugs in her car.

Kelli was arrested and later cleared of any wrongdoing. She went on to win a $5.7 million (GBP4.4 million) settlement against the couple.

According to, Julia's pal George Clooney and his Smoke House producing partner Grant Heslov are reportedly interested in the project.