Julia Roberts loves to smell good.

The 'Pretty Woman' actress says it's important for her to wear a nice scent as it makes her feel more confident with herself.

She said: ''I like to smell nice. And I think it is best when perfume is kind of there, but still draws people in. You have to get close to figure out what you're dealing with.''

The mother-of-three is the face of of Lancome's new fragrance La Vie Est Belle and she says she's a huge fan of the smell and the way the bottle looks.

She told Britain's Hello! magazine: ''The bottle is beautiful. And in this day and age when everything's about the brand and everything's got the name of the company and the person and the place stamped all over it, what I think is amazing is that there's nothing written on the bottle. Nit even the name of the perfume. It just looks clean and beautiful. And I think that is a really strong statement, to have just this stunning bottle.''