Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman exchanged rude gifts on the set of their new film CLOSER - necklaces with the words 'C**t' and 'Lil C**t' on them.

Portman admits she came up with the odd gift idea, which was reciprocated by Roberts at the film's wrap party, because she felt liberated by the fact she was swearing onscreen.

In Closer, Portman plays foul-mouthed ALICE and admits once she got used to swearing, she loved it.

She says, "We were laughing about the dirty words we have to say. You blush at first, and then you get pretty liberal with them.

"At the start of shooting I gave Julia a necklace that said, 'C**t' on it, then as a wrap gift she gave me one that said, 'LilC**t.'"

24/06/2004 00:06