Julia Roberts has incurred HERCULES' wrath after criticising America's gung-ho war policies in a recent interview.

Actor Kevin Sorbo, who played Hercules on TV, admits he's sick of hearing celebrities getting political on talk shows and in interviews - and he has targeted the PRETTY WOMAN star for his frustrations.

Sorbo blasts, "To hear Julia Roberts say that George Bush isn't her president because she disagrees with him because of this war - it's a really stupid and irresponsible statement.

"Maybe she should go elsewhere to live and then see exactly how great we have it in America.

"I only say this because we're not that educated about what's really going on. As much as the news channels give us, we still don't know the whole story. I think a lot of times actors misuse their celebrity status in this way - by speaking out when they should let the government do what they've been elected to do."

24/04/2003 20:56