Julia Ormond is returning to acting with a vengeance - after originally disappearing from the scene in the late-nineties to regain "balance" in her life.

After starring in hits Legends of the Fall and FIRST KNIGHT, the actress stepped away from the limelight to devote her time to good causes such as fighting AIDS in developing countries.

She explains, "There is a point at which - for me it was waking up in a hotel in Prague (and realising) 'I don't want to be 45 and this has been my life.'"

However, following the extended break, when she has only appeared in a handful of projects, Ormond now wants to rebalance her life with work.

She says, "And (now) I think the balance is a little bit out of whack. It's made me come around and has me much more hungry about the acting work that I do."

Ormond still hopes her appearance in new American TV show IRON JAWED ANGELS - about battle for women's suffrage in the US - has a positive effect on society.

She says, "Actually getting out and using the fact that you're registered and voting is something that's hugely, hugely important. I hope that the movie really awakens people to this struggle that went on in order to get women the right to vote."

23/02/2004 09:24