Julia Michaels suffers from ''horrible stage fright''.

The 'Issues' hitmaker admits there was a time where she ''suppressed'' her own dreams because she was too fearful.

Speaking during her appearance on The Voice as a guest mentor for Adam Levine, she said: ''I have horrible stage fright ... I know what it's like to feel self conscious, to feel like you're not good enough, I definitely did that for a really long time, I definitely suppressed what I wanted out of fear.''

Meanwhile, the 24-year-old singer and songwriter previously admitted she doesn't ''usually'' see herself as being the ''centre of attention''.

She shared: ''I've known a lot of these people as a songwriter. For me, because I have been doing this for so long, I don't see them as people other people fan over. I'm just grateful they see me as an artist enough to come on the road with them. The dynamic is so different, but I am grateful. Issues was the first time I had thought about singing. I had been asked by a few labels before, but it was never something I wanted to do because I tend to be slightly insecure. I don't usually see myself as someone who's the centre of attention. It's not my vibe.

''Everything I write is 100 per cent me. I don't have someone else writing my songs, this is all just me baring my soul to everyone. I think because my fans know that, they know that I am an authentic, honest person and they feel they can confide in me musically. Which is nice because when I perform, I feel like I can confide in them.''