British actor/singer Jules Knight called in police to deal with an obsessive fan who bombarded him with threatening messages online.

The star, who sang with classical boyband Blake before landing a role in U.K. Tv show Holby City, reveals the drama unfolded shortly before he quit music to pursue a new career as an actor.

Knight, 33, admits he was spooked by the threats and endured six months of hell before he eventually decided to alert the authorities.

He tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "It's really unnerving - your mind starts playing funny tricks. It stressed me out - no one wants that kind of attention. It was a bombardment on social media for about six months. The messages would yo-yo: one nice, then one nasty. 'I'll ruin your life' type threats. In the end I had to get the police involved and it got sorted.

"Who knows what goes on inside their minds? I actually feel more sorry for the people. Anyone who displays that kind of behaviour needs to get some help. It's not healthy and it's normally driven by deep-seated mental issues."

Knight recently stepped away from acting to launch a new career as a solo singer.