Rapper Juelz Santana has blasted his former pal CAM'RON for alleging he has a drug addiction - insisting the DIPSET frontman is only creating controversy to promote his forthcoming album.
Cam'ron recently claimed in a magazine interview that his ex-protege Santana was constantly sipping on 'syrup' - the potentially fatal mix of prescription cough medicine and juice.
He told XXL, "Juelz started drinking syrup - Robitussin. He got hooked onto it, addicted to it... We already smoked mad (a lot of) weed; you don't need to be on Robitussin."
But Santana has dismissed the claims and is adamant he was never hooked on the lethal cocktail. He insists he has no hard feelings towards Cam'ron, and just wishes the two men could discuss their issues face-to-face.
Santana tells MTV.com, "He just wanted to say something and that was probably the only way he could... (to) keep his character up.
"I was never addicted to syrup. I used to drink it on occasion. I don't know where that (his comments) came from. They were a shocker to me, like, 'Damn, you would stoop low like that?'
"But it's cool with me. I still wish him the best. But that syrup comment - I didn't understand where that came from.
"He has an album coming out - April (09), right? I kind of understand where it came from now. At the end of the day, if he was so much of a brother, he could have just called me or sat me down, not trying to call this person and that person... C'mon man. He knows I ain't (sic) buying it."