Rappers Juelz Santana and Jim Jones took over a cinema in Harlem, New York recently to host a free viewing of the new NOTORIOUS B.I.G. biopic for their loyal fans. The duo hired out the movie theatre for a special showing of Notorious because they wanted devotees to recognise the importance of B.I.G., real name Christopher Wallace, in rap history.
Jones says, "I did it for hip-hop. It's as big as Obama being the first black (U.S.) president.
"This is part of our history in the urban community; Biggie was our first Obama."
Santana adds, "This is my way of saying thank you to Big. I never got a chance to meet him, so this is me as a Harlem dude saluting a cat from Brooklyn, in a small but meaningful way.
"Jim and I figured that so many people in the hip-hop community would be going to see the movie individually; if we can make it so that everyone sees it together, that's a great thing."