OSCAR-winning actress DAME Judi Dench was moved to tears at last night's (22FEB04) LAWRENCE OLIVIER AWARDS - when KEVIN SPACEY sang for her.

AMERICAN BEAUTY star Spacey launched into a version of GEORGE GERSHWIN's I'VE GOT A CRUSH ON YOU when he presented the 69-year-old with a Special Achievement Award for her lifetime's work at the London ceremony.

He told the audience, "She asked us to surprise her so we did. There is no one like her and there will never be anyone like her.

"Without question, she is the one we have all had a crush on for a very long time."

SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE star Judi admits she was "completely overcome" by her friend Spacey's gesture at the London bash.

She says, "It's a complete surprise having someone sing to you like that."

26/02/2004 21:07