Dame Judi Dench says retirement isn't in her vocabulary.

The 80-year-old actress insists she has no plans to stop working in the near future and gets annoyed when people ask when she will be quitting.

Asked if she gets frustrated when people assume she wants to end her career, the 'Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' star said: ''It doesn't frustrate me, it maddens me! I say that it's not in my vocabulary, retirement. And if I can't do one thing, then I'll learn something new.

''There are all sorts of things that I don't know about. It's like, I learned yesterday that a man who makes arrows is called a fletcher.

''I'm full of irrelevant knowledge, but it might be useful doing a crossword one day.''

Judi recent filmed 'The Hollow Crown' alongside Benedict Cumberbatch - who recently married theatre director Sophie Hunter - and admits it was a thrill to work with the actor.

She said: ''I've known Benedict since he was a little boy. His mother and I went to school together. I send him and his new wife huge love. I've been thinking of him, and his ma and pa.''

Despite being nominated for an Oscar seven times, the 'Skyfall' star doesn't consider herself a celebrity.

She told Us Weekly magazine: ''Someone once said to me, 'I never thought I'd see a celebrity in Waitrose. And I thought, I'm not a celebrity! I'm a jobbing actor!''