Judi Dench was told she didn't have the ''face'' for movies.

The 'Skyfall' actress is well known for her acting credits in a host of top films but has recalled a time where she was told she didn't have the right look to be a movie star.

She said: ''I went and met (the director) and I was at the Old Vic at the time and he asked me some questions and in those days, you weren't filmed and he said to me, 'Well it's been very nice meeting you but I'm sorry not this film and probably not any film as you have every single thing wrong with your face.'

''Well I got to do a few films after that so I'm very pleased he was wrong.''

Despite proving the director wrong, the 80-year-old actress has insisted she will not reveal the name of the man who turned her down.

Speaking backstage at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, she said: ''I can't because I've never, in all of time, since it happened - it was a long time ago - have I said the name of the director but it was for a big film.''