Dame Judi Dench was promised she would be "the sexiest woman on set" if she signed up to 'Jane Eyre'.

The actress plays Mrs. Fairfax in the new adaptation of the classic Charlotte Bronte novel, and director Cary Fukunaga - who also cast Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender in the movie - admits he only got her to sign up after flattering her in a personal note he sent.

He said: "I knew Judy's agent from a trip that I had done to Sarajevo and she told me that JOE WRIGHT had convinced her to be in 'Pride And Prejudice' by sending her a personal note and that she appreciates humour.

"So I sent her a little note and I promised her that she'd be the sexiest woman on set if she did the film. It was done in a funny way and wasn't cheesy at all."

Despite working on the romantic classic, Cary admits his next project 'Spaceless' will see his focus shift to a more unhappy subject.

He told The Guardian's Film360 magazine: "Whilst my first two films have been about companionship, I think the next level is what happens what you've found it.

"What would have happened to Romeo And Juliet if they hadn't killed themselves? They would probably have found out they didn't get on so well."