The woman who inspired Dame Judi Dench's acclaimed movie Philomena was given the A-list treatment in Beverly Hills, California on Sunday (05Jan14) at a special event in honour of her heartrending tale.

Producer Harvey Weinstein and Dench's co-star Steve Coogan attended the glitzy afternoon tea at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel to celebrate the movie inspired by Philomena Lee's real-life search for her long-lost son.

Lee was a guest of honour at the event and she fought back tears as she revealed the pain she suffered after her young son was taken away from her in 1952 and adopted without her permission.

She told The Hollywood Reporter, "He was three-and-a-half and the most beautiful-looking boy - tall, clever, and I loved him to bits. I really loved him. It broke me. It broke me for a long time."

The movie, which is tipped for glory at the 2014 Oscars, is already nominated for a slew of Hollywood prizes, including three Golden Globe Awards.