Dame Judi Dench thinks being an octogenarian is ''difficult''.

The 82-year-old actress plays Queen Victoria - who died when she was 81 - in the new comedy-drama movie 'Victoria & Abdul' and Dame Judi has admitted her advancing years have brought their own challenges.

Of her on-screen role, Dame Judi told BANG Showbiz: ''When you get into your 80s, I think it's a very difficult time. A lot of your friends drop off the bowl and you start not being able to do things and in her case, she was surrounded by a lot of formality.

''And suddenly this young man presented, you know, a kind of injection of something to look forward to every day.''

The new movie explores the British Monarch's relationship with her Indian servant Abdul Karim, who was considerably younger than her.

Abdul - who died at the age of 46 - developed a close relationship with the Queen, who would even take him with her on her travels.

Meanwhile, Dame Judi recently admitted she doesn't think sex should change just because a person is older.

Talking about sex, the acclaimed actress shared: ''Well, of course, you still feel desire. Does that ever go? To the older reader, I would say, 'Don't give up!' ... There's a lovely naughty knicker shop  -  but don't buy up everything because I'm going there.''

What's more, Dami Judi gushed about her 'Victoria and Abdul' co-star Ali Fazal.

She said: ''He is very, very tall. He is extremely beautiful and he is an utterly delightful, charming man.''