Actress Dame Judi Dench is so obsessed with the works of William Shakespeare she recites a sonnet every day.
The veteran British star has a distinguished theatre career with roles in The Bard's plays and is adamant they're the perfect parts for her.
She was stunned when she heard some schools in the U.K. no longer offer Shakespeare as part of standard teaching, and has called on education bosses to take action to help inspire British kids.
The Bond actress tells the Bbc, "I don't feel my spine tingle (when I read Shakespeare), I actually now, at my age, actually start to cry. I would like to be doing a Shakespeare play every single night, and I do try to say a sonnet every day... Either it gives you goosebumps or it doesn't, and I heard this morning that some schools have stopped doing Shakespeare on the school curriculum.
"I think there may be an odd child here and there (who doesn't want to study it) and even for an odd child here and there, it's a pity. There might be somebody who might be suddenly ignited by that and think they'd like to see more of it or hear more of it."