Jude Law's estranged wife Sadie Frost is to tell all the details of her failed marriage in a revealing television documentary.

The mother of four, 37, has invited a film crew to her home in Primrose Hill, north London to film her day-to-day activities as she picks up the pieces of her shattered life after splitting from the Cold Mountain heart-throb in January (03).

Sadie is expected to talk about her battle with depression, her weight loss following the marriage split, and her romance with toy boy JACKSON SCOTT.

The part-time actress says, "It's not going to be you typical celeb-type documentary. It's going to be about me getting on with my life and my day-to-day jobs around the house.

"It's no secret I've had a terrible year. In fact it's the worst of my life. My marriage has crumbled and the spotlight has been on me. It's been very hard. I have been depressed, but I finally feel that I'm coming through it."

She continues, "I lost a lot of weight and wasn't looking my best so I was being scrutinised by everybody and it's never nice to have people say bad things about you. But I'm pleased that I've put on weight now. I'm actually bigger than I was before all my nightmare troubles started.

"I'm feeling much happier. I also have Jackson in my life. Yeah, I have argued with him. We've had our moments, but we are very much a couple. I'm having lots of fun. I want other women in similar situations to see that if I can get through this, so can they."

Sadie is planning to return to the big screen with a role in FALLEN ANGEL, which also stars Tom Berenger and Luke Goss.

Of the film, the woman says, "It's a girlie flick and I'm very excited about it. But I only start filming next year. Right now, my children are my priority. They need me and I need them. They are the ones who have kept me going."

05/10/2003 14:05