Hollywood star Jude Law's ex-wife Sadie Frost has had a dramatic on-screen bust up with her young new love Jackson Scott.

Frost, who is currently filming a reality TV series about her celebrity life, WHAT SADIE DID NEXT, following her split with Law last year (03), had an argument with her 22-year-old flamenco guitarist boyfriend whilst the cameras were rolling outside her swanky London pad.

An insider reveals, "She's been spending time with her team doing pieces to camera on her quiet residential road.

"This week she did a sequence with Jackson, but they started screaming at each other across the street.

"Then he just laid down in the middle of the street. It was really weird, no one could work out what was going on."

However, a spokesperson for the 37-year-old says, "It wasn't a real row. Jackson was just larking about."

21/03/2004 12:11