Estranged couple Jude Law and Sadie Frost's marriage breakdown has split their circuit of celebrity pals in two.

The acrimonious separation has left TALENTED MR RIPLEY star Jude, 30, ignored by one bunch while SHOPPING actress Sadie, 37, is blanked by the other.

Among Sadie's supporters are fashion designer Stella Mccartney and supermodel Kate Moss, while Jude can count on actors Ewan McGregor, GWYNETH PALTROW and Sean Pertwee.

An insider says, "Sadie and Jude have managed to completely divide up a really tight-knit bunch of friends - who also happen to be among the most famous stars in the world.

"It's not like everybody can be friends with everyone, and people have strong opinions about the split.

"Jude has found himself totally cold-shouldered by one bunch, and Sadie has been snubbed by people like Gywneth, who she used to consider a friend.

"The bitterness between them is so strong. You just can't be seen to be friends with both.

"It is causing major problems for couples like Kate and JEFFERSON (HACK) and Sadie's sister HOLLY, whose boyfriend is still Jude's best mate and PR."

SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE star Gwyneth is said to be especially shocked by pictures of Sadie smooching with 22-year-old Spanish hunk Jackson Scott.

A source says, "She was horrified by those pictures of her flaunting her new man, rolling around in a park. She thought that was so undignified and uncalled for.

"She is a mother of four, after all. It's all very embarrassing."

24/08/2003 14:31