BBC1 sitcom star Gabriel Thomson, who plays the geeky son in My Family, has been cautioned by police over possession of class A drugs.

Thomson, 21, is believed to have been seen acting in a drunk and disorderly fashion at his home in Kingsley Road, Battersea before the arrest took place.

A Metropolitan police spokesperson said he would not confirm whether Thomson was the man arrested. But he said the 21-year-old man held at 15:40 BST yesterday afternoon was arrested on suspicion of possession of class A drugs.

After advice from the crown prosecution service the 21-year-old received a caution for possession of a class A drug.

Media reports suggested both cannabis and cocaine were involved.

Thomson has played geeky son Michael Harper in My Family, which stars Robert Lindsay and Zoe Wannamaker.

He has also starred in Enemy At The Gates, starring Jude Law, and a BBC production of Great Expectations.

09/06/2008 18:24:36