Hollywood hunk Jude Law used to stun his childhood pals by regularly snubbing invitations to join them on BMX bike rides - because he preferred sitting in his room watching black-and-white movies.

The Cold Mountain actor joined a series of big screen celebrities at a screening of 1955 classic THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER at the plush ELECTRIC CINEMA in London last week (ends09JUL04).

And he told website PAGESIX.COM the Charles Laughton film - starring Robert Mitchum and SHELLEY WINTERS - was one of the old movies which kept him indoors and detached from his friends.

He said, "I taped it off TV when I was 12, and being the pretentious little twit I was, I tried to get my mates to watch it with me, but they were more interested in riding their BMX bikes than watching a black-and-white movie about a deranged preacher."

16/07/2004 19:40