Jude Law is planning to make Christmas 2003 extra special for his kids because it's the first time he and their mum, Sadie Frost, won't be together.

The actors divorced earlier this year (03) and Law has big plans to make Christmas a really exciting time for his three children - but he's struggling to get them exactly what they want.

He says, "I remember used to leave mince pies out and a carrot for Rudolf and some sherry, and that was great. Now I'm the one eating the mince pies and the carrot and drinking the sherry.

"My kids are seven, three and one so it looks like it will be an excellent Christmas. I'm planning on doing the whole thing - a bit of sparkly dust and put out all the presents.

"My little girl's three and she just wrote 'anything Barbie' on her list. My son wants a splurge gun - the custard pie gun from BUGSY MALONE. I don't know if they really exist.

"My seven-year-old, RAFF, has asked for David Blaine's magic tricks. I took him down to see David Blaine when he was in the box over the THAMES and now we're fascinated."

23/12/2003 09:07