Sexy actor Jude Law is shocked his estranged wife Sadie Frost's boyfriend had a teenage romance with his girlfriend Sienna Miller.

The British hunk met 22-year-old Miller while shooting his latest film Alfie, but he's anxious that she once dated musician Jackson Scott, who is now living with Frost and is still good friends with Miller's parents, reports Britain's DAILY SPORT newspaper.

Miller's close friend says, "Sienna knows Jackson's family and her mother, JO, is godmother to Jackson's younger sister GIACONDA.

"Sienna and Jackson were childhood friends. When they were 15 they had a romance. Their fling didn't last long but they remained friends long after.

"Now Jude's estranged wife is living with Jackson, Jude's finding it all a bit too close for comfort."

18/10/2004 14:21