British actor Jude Law has been given a morale boost in his attempts to rekindle his romance with SIENNA MILLER - by her mother.

JO MILLER wants her 23-year-old daughter to forgive the CLOSER's star's infidelity and resume their engagement - despite speaking of her "anger and betrayal" last month (JUL05) over Law's affair with his children's former nanny DAISY WRIGHT - three months after he proposed to his fiancee.

Jo says, "I would be very pleased to see them back together. Of course, I would."

As for the estranged couple's recent dates together, Jo adds, "Oh good, that's good".

Whether Law would be welcome back into the family, Jo enthuses, "Of course, of course".

Meanwhile, Law's father PETER is also hoping the two will stay together.

Peter comments, "He's certainly been through the mill and if there's something making him smile, then I'm very happy."