British heart-throb Jude Law was delighted to work with director DAVID O RUSSELL even though the I Heart Huckabees film-maker lied to him the first time they met.

O Russell told Law about a documentary he was working on, only to call him the next day to admit that it was a scam.

But the actor was so intrigued, he agreed to work with Russell on the new comedy.

He recalls, "The first time we met, he told me this story about a documentary he was making.

"And then he called me the next day and said, 'Everything I told you last night was a lie. I made it all up'. And I thought, 'What?' I was bemused, but I loved that, like a child, he had gone with this impulse and then felt guilty enough to call me up.

"Then he wrote I Heart Huckabees, which I thought was beautiful and unique and hilarious, and I just wanted to work with him."

10/11/2004 17:27