English actor Jude Law is finally "happy" with on/off girlfriend Sienna Miller after admitting he "f**ked up" when he cheated on her with his former children's nanny DAISY WRIGHT. Law slept with Wright in March 2005 - just three months after proposing to his Alfie co-star Miller - and was forced to apologise to the model/actress when the affair was made public in July 2005. After two splits in July 2005 and January this year (06), the couple made a third attempt to salvage their romance in May (06). The Road To Perdition heart-throb says, "I didn't want to hurt anyone. I've apologised to the people I think matter in that situation. There's not really an awful lot I can do or say. "But you can't run away. You have to take it on the chin and learn somehow to hold you head up high and face up to it. You can't spend your life apologising. You can hold you hands up and say, 'I f**ked up.' You can do everything in your power to make that pain better. "But what kind of person would you be to then spend the rest of your life torturing yourself. "It feels like the cards are settling and I'm getting a sense of calm in personal and public life. So things are good. I'm more cynical, but I've also learnt to be more bulletproof."