Hollywood hunk Jude Law has selflessly helped soccer star David Beckham through his traumatic marriage and career problems.

The COLD MOUNTAIN star advised Beckham to spend more "quality time" with wife VICTORIA BECKHAM - after his former personal assistant Rebecca Loos accused him of having an affair with her.

Law also flew to Portugal twice to console the 29-year-old, whose failed penalty helped knock ENGLAND out of the EURO 2004 tournament and caused many critics to demand his resignation as captain of the team.

Law's friend tells Britain's CLOSER magazine, "They've become very close mates. Jude knows the pressures of his career did a lot to split up him and Sadie Frost. Jude spoke to David and Victoria about how it is better to try and keep the family together at all costs for the sake of the children.

"Jude also tried to cheer David up after the football tournament and talked to him about how difficult it is being in the limelight. He told him you just have to keep trying your best and keep giving it your all to save a marriage. David admired Jude's acting and said he'll teach Jude to play footie if Jude teaches him to act."

12/07/2004 21:00