LATEST: Jude Law will double up with his SLEUTH director Kenneth Branagh in the forthcoming West End production of William Shakespeare's HAMLET - the filmmaker will take charge of the play. Law admits knowing he was to be directed onstage by Branagh was a major part of why he agreed to play the famous Danish Prince. And, though Law knows many top critics are sure to savage his performance - as they did Mel Gibson's in Franco Zeffirelli's 1990 adaptation of the play - he can't wait to work with his fellow Brit. He tells WENN, "I've had so much mud and s**t thrown at me I'm bulletproof, seriously. I can already tell you about the reviews and they'll be awful. "But, when it comes to reviews, there's no reason to be scared of bad reviews. I've had pretty awful reviews, so that does not stop me from taking on a wonderful part. "I'm going to play Hamlet with Kenneth Branagh directing me. I will undoubtedly experience and learn and I hope expand and step up to the mark and that to me is an unmissable opportunity and it's a brilliant role in a brilliant play. "It's the first time I've been on stage in four years." Law will take to the Donmar Warehouse stage in London to play Hamlet in 2009.