Jude Law and his three kids were lucky to escape unscathed from a crash which badly damaged his top-of the-range car earlier this month (SEP06). The Alfie star kept the accident under wraps while promoting new film All The King'S MEN, but a British newspaper reports today (29SEP06) how fortunate he is. The smash happened while Law was driving RAFFERTY, nine, IRIS, five, and RUDY, four, in London with their nanny. A source tells the Daily Express, "His children were strapped correctly into the back and his nanny was in the passenger seat. Jude's a very careful driver but another car shot out in front of him and there was nothing he could do. They just collided. "Jude's first thought was for his kids and the nanny but thankfully they were all unhurt. The only injury was his sore neck. And the car was badly damaged." It's the second time in two months Law, 33, has had car trouble. In August (06) he was driving a grey Mazda in Ontario, Canada, when a vehicle plowed into the back of him. Neither were injured.