Jude Law had a daily fan base on the set of his new movie Alfie during his sex scenes - the actresses he had already bedded.

Former ALLY McBEAL star Jane Krakowski admits she was one of many women who insisted on checking out Law's saucy acting after her character was seduced by his in the back of a limousine.

She reveals, "I found myself being a voyeur and wanting to go to dailies just to see how other girls' sex scenes went - to see if Jude acted differently with them. You know, 'Did she show a lot of skin?' 'Did you guys kiss?' 'Was it close up?'"

Krakowski says her own sex scenes with Law were "awkward" but she's thrilled she's had the chance to simulate sex with him: "We all want to be seduced by Jude Law. We're very willing participants."

Other actresses who got to bed the British hunk in the remake of the Michael Caine classic, include Susan Sarandon, Marisa Tomei and Law's real-life girlfriend Sienna Miller.

28/09/2004 00:15