British hunk Jude Law decided to get in touch with his feminine side on Saturday night (23OCT04), when he dressed up as hotel heiress Nicky Hilton.

During an appearance on American comedy show Saturday Night Live, Law donned a wig to play the brunette beauty, fighting allegations of racism against her older sister Paris Hilton, portrayed by Maya Rudolph.

Adapting a 'Valley girl' accent, Law said, "You guys, Paris is a lot of things - dog owner, semi-professional porn star, she can burp her own name - but she is not racist. Racist (sic) is so not hot."

Law later put on a shorter wig to tackle the role of British Prime Minister Tony Blair in another sketch.

He said, "I'm... quite glad to be out of my own country. You see, I'm not very popular there right now."

Law also portrayed veteran actor Peter O'Toole in the show, which is broadcast live from New York City.

25/10/2004 02:52