Hollywood hunk Jude Law faces a desperate battle with ex-wife Sadie Frost over the couple's three children - she wants to whisk them off to start a new life in Spain with her boyfriend Jackson Scott.

Frost, 36, has been dating Spaniard Scott, 22, since splitting from ex-husband JUDE LAW last year (03) - and pals say the pair are so smitten they are making plans to leave Britain, and Jude, behind for good.

After they met last August (03) near Scott's home in southern Spain, the Flamenco guitarist relocated to London to be close to Sadie and her kids with Law, RAFFERTY, seven, IRIS, three and one-year-old RUDY.

But friends say he has grown homesick.

A pal tells British newspaper the DAILY MIRROR, "He is looking to find an old farmhouse near Seville where his family live, and hopes to move there with Sadie. See is really keen on the idea, too.

"It's only a short flight from London and Sadie would love to raise the kids out there."

The only obstacle to her plans is Law, who is likely to object to being parted from his children.

A source tells the Mirror, "Jude dotes on the children. When he and Sadie broke up, he bought a house just a street away so he could be near them.

"Even though he spends a lot of time away on movie sets, he would be gutted if they moved."

Law himself, told a recent interview, "If I don't see them for two weeks, that's too long."

16/01/2004 12:53