The British star's 19-year-old boy has been making waves in the style world as a model in recent months, and while Jude is proud of the teen's achievements, he fears how his kid will handle the perils which can come with fame.

"I worry about that terribly because the public eye can bring all sorts of unwanted intrusions and problems," he told the American edition of Harper's Bazaar, "but he's treading his own path. I think the modelling is something that he sees as a pastime and something to maybe give him a bit of pocket money. He's a musician mostly.

"He's in college studying music, which he takes very seriously and I think that is something that he will concentrate on in the future."

The 43-year-old has also turned his hand to music before, learning to play the saxophone for his critically acclaimed role in 1999 movie The Talented Mr. Ripley, but Jude admits he hasn't kept playing.

"It's funny because it's always been something I'm desperate to remedy and never seem to have the time," he said. The only time I did it was when I was asked to do it for a film. I need someone to give me a part where I play the piano, so I can learn it. I would love that."

However Jude isn't sure his son would be able to help him master another instrument, despite his own talent for music.

"He plays three or four instruments," he added. "He is very gifted, whereas I pick instruments up and kind of stare at them and go, 'I can't ever possibly play this'. And I don't!"

Jude also has daughter Iris and son Rudy from his marriage to Sadie Frost, as well as daughters Sophia and Ada from two subsequent relationships.