British actor Jude Law has signed up to produce and star in the long-awaited movie DEXTERITY - more than 10 years after Timothy Hutton began developing the project for himself.

The Paramount film will be an adaptation of the DOUGLAS BAUER novel, which follows a young couple who try to bring down a factory in upstate New York after the husband loses his job.

Hutton was originally supposed to direct and star in the film, and during the '90s Jason Patric and Matthew Mcconaughey were also attached for the lead, with Bridget Fonda and Ashley Judd as possible leading ladies.

Law says, "I'm delighted that the elements are coming together for Dexterity.

"It's a great pleasure for me to be working once again with the folks at Paramount, which has become like a second home to me."

10/02/2004 21:00