The British actor’s eldest child, 19-year-old Rafferty, is making a name for himself in showbiz, winning modelling jobs for big brands like Dolce & Gabbana and DKNY with his chiselled good looks.

Although Jude is wary of his son emulating his own career after going into the industry without any guidance himself, the 43-year-old insists he isn’t an overbearing father and allows him to make his own decisions.

“On numerous occasions I've wondered, 'Gosh, did I ask for this? Did I milk it? What could I have done differently?'” he recalled to Britain’s Esquire magazine. “From that point of view there are pieces of advice I would like to give. But he's got to find his own path and make his own mistakes, and have his own triumphs. Those lessons are best learned in the field. And I think he's a really lovely, smart, talented kid. And he's going to be fine."

Jude had Rafferty, daughter Iris, 15, and son Rudy, 13, during his marriage to Sadie Frost, and also has daughters Sophia, six, and Ada, who was born in March 2015, from two previous relationships.

He admits the family situation makes life slightly complicated when it comes to his current relationship with psychologist Phillipa Coan, but he’s learnt to deal with everything that comes his way and tries his best to make things work.

"This is the last I'll say on it," he said of his kids. "I think about all of them every single day, pretty much all day. And in some way, anything else I'm doing, whether it's at work or anything, they are the reason I'm doing it, or they are what I'm thinking about that's giving me some sort of motivation or inspiration to do what I do."