Jude Law found being naked on the 'Dom Hemingway' set ''a wonderful release''.

The 40-year-old actor who stars as lead Dom Hemingway in the film of the same name has a couple of nude scenes, one of which shows him walking through what appears to be a vineyard, and he found filming these had a great kind of freedom.

He told Empire magazine: ''I insisted we do the first scene first. I wanted to stroll on set naked and start as I meant to move on. I thought, 'If I can do that with all the crew around and not care - be graphic and that vulnerable - then we're going to be alright.'

''Actually, we did it on a test day, it wasn't even a filming day. And it was a wonderful release, a wonderful sense that everything and anything could go.''

Jude gained 28lbs for his alter-ego by drinking 10 Coca-Cola soft drinks each day, eating calorific foods he also smoked 40 cigarettes daily to get the appearance of a heavy smoker.

The British star admits playing a character who eats, smokes and drinks a lot took its toll on him physically.

He revealed: ''I did get sick of it though. Towards the end, the last couple of weeks, I started to feel physically sick and drained. I was probably drinking too much at night, certainly drinking too much Coke and eating crap food during the day, smoking 40 a day...''