Estranged couple Jude Law and Sadie Frost are making a last-ditch attempt to be friends, meeting secretly in London to patch up their differences.

The beautiful pair split earlier this year (03) after Sadie suffered post-natal depression and Jude was dogged by reports of an affair with NICOLE KIDMAN.

Sadie met COLD MOUNTAIN star Jude yesterday (28MAY03) for a secret chat about their marriage at a quiet London eaterie. And, according to photos published in Britain's DAILY SPORT newspaper, Jude looked "drawn" after the meeting, while Sadie wore an all-concealing coat to hide from the press's prying eyes.

Pals say DRACULA actress Sadie arranged the meeting as a final showdown, to tell her husband to make up his mind. The couple arrived and left separately, half an hour apart.

One fellow diner tells the Sport, "Jude and Sadie seemed to be in a world of their own and were in deep conversation.

"It must have been a pretty serious chat judging by their expressions but they did seem to relax after a while and there didn't seem to be any animosity, so hopefully they might have patched up their differences."

29/05/2003 13:30